Cyntwell is an 18th Century cottage situated in a conservation area. Because of this we are unable to alter some aspects of the house and feel that the house has inadequate facilities to accommodate those with severe disabilities. Two of our bedrooms are on the 1st floor and two are on the 2nd floor. We unfortunately have no private parking with the property. More details about parking and our whereabouts within the town our available on our website under the heading “find us”.

Access to the 1st floor rooms, Samphire and Tamarisk are via the 1st floor staircase which has 8 steep steps and is approximately 70cms wide. There are handrails to assist you. There is a small landing at the top of the stairs.

Samphire is a twin bedded en-suite room situated at the top of the stairs on the right. There are two 3ft single beds. There is a shower, toilet and washbasin in the en-suite bathroom. There is limited access around the beds. The en-suite bathroom has pitch pine flooring and is sloping. There is a small step that leads from the shower to the toilet.

Tamarisk is a double en-suite room situated at the top of the stairs on the left. Tamarisk is a fair sized room with plenty of access around the bed. The en-suite has an extra deep bath with integrated shower, washbasin and toilet. Please note that there is a low beam that spans the centre of the room.

2nd floor rooms, Thrift and Marram are accessed via the 1st staircase then onto the small landing and up another eight, steep, spiral steps.

Marram and Thrift are both double en-suite rooms with bath, integrated shower, washbasins and toilet. The floors are level. Because both rooms have been built into the eaves, there is limited access on one side of the bed in each room (there is a low beam). In all other areas of the rooms, there is adequate head height.

There is easy access to the en-suite bathrooms.

All rooms are equipped with tea and coffee making facilities, hairdryers, small ironing boards, earplugs, fans and digital remote colour televisions. All our double beds are standard size. There are wardrobes and chest of drawers in all rooms to provide adequate clothes storage. Each bedroom has its own room key and a key to the front door to allow guests to come and go as they please. There is usually someone on site 24 hrs a day to assist with any problems and an emergency contact number is left if not.

We are a non-smoking establishment and there is a hardwired fire alarm system installed. There are detectors in all rooms and landings and fire alarms are situated at the front door and also at the top of the 1st flight of stairs. Fire extinguishers are situated in the same places. The fire escape exits are via the front or back door, depending on the location of the fire.